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DIRECTV Charges $90 For 60-Game MLB Extra Innings

DIRECTV is now charging $90 for this year’s 60-game MLB Extra Innings package of out-of-market contests. The satcaster earlier this year was charging $183 for the 2020 package, but that was before the league suspended play due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Although the season will now be around 37 percent of the regular 162-game campaign,

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Will the Cubs Be On Comcast?

Q. Now that baseball is coming back, will the Chicago Cubs’ new channel be on Comcast? That’s our largest cable operator. I know they’ve been arguing, but did they get a deal during the Coronavirus? — John, Evanston, Illinois.  John, you’re right. Major League Baseball announced yesterday that it will impose a 60-game schedule, likely

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MLB TV: How to Get a Refund

Q. I don’t believe baseball is coming back this season so why doesn’t MLB TV give us refunds. I paid last February and I could use that money now with the Coronavirus shutdown. — Roger, St. Louis.  Roger, Major League Baseball is still committed to holding a 2020 season, albeit a shortened one. In fact,

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MLB TV Refunds: The Customers Speak Out!

Major League Baseball began taking orders for MLB.TV, its online package of out-of-market games, on February 4. The cost was $121.99, which was a mere $3 more than the previous season so undoubtedly thousands, if not scores of thousands, began ordering. However, five weeks later, the league announced that it was suspending play for the

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MLB TV: Please Give Us Our Refunds!

Editorial Major League Baseball began taking orders for MLB.TV, its online package of out-of-market games, on February 4. The price was $121.99 and it came with a refund clause that didn’t seem unfair at the time: “For MLB.TV or MLB Audio, will honor a refund request made within 5 days of your first subscription

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DIRECTV & The Dodgers: What Fans Should Be Worried About

News Analysis The announcement yesterday that DIRECTV and other AT&T-owned TV services would carry SportsNet LA was so surprising that some thought it was an April Fool’s joke. The two sides had been such bitter foes that it didn’t seem possible that they would ever come to terms. But yesterday, more than six years after

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MLB Extra Innings: How to Get Your Money Back

Q. I bought a subscription to DIRECTV’s MLB Extra Innings package in early March and now it looks like the season will at least be delayed for a few months if not cancelled entirely. It doesn’t seem fair that they get to keep my money during this time. I could use it now. Is there

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Coronavirus: MLB.TV Offers Every 2018-19 Game For Free

MLB.TV is helping Coronavirus shut-ins get their baseball fix by providing free access to every game played in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. That means you can stream more than 4,800 games (plus post-season action) by simply creating an account at MLB.TV. There is no charge for access to the 2018-19 seasons nor do you

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Coronavirus: Will There Be Refunds For MLB.TV & Extra Innings?

Q. Now that Major League Baseball has delayed the 2020 season because of the Corona virus, will there be refunds for MLB.TV and Extra Innings on DIRECTV and Dish? — Ike, Amarillo, Texas. See: Why MLB.TV Should Issue Refunds! See an update on this story here! Ike, as you note, Major League Baseball has suspended

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Dish Also Raises Price Of MLB Extra Innings

Dish has revealed at its web site that it will charge $183 for this year’s MLB Extra Innings plan, which is $5 more than last year. The satcaster last year raised the price of Extra Innings by $3 to $178. Extra Innings, the pay TV edition of the league’s package of out-of-market games, offers up

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YouTube TV Subs Getting Screwed Twice On Fox Sports

Q. I read your article about YouTube TV making our regional sports channel not available in our area because of money. That steams me and I want to know if there’s another way to get my Texas Rangers. — Fran, Lubbock, Texas.  Fran, I’m afraid that YouTube TV is putting the screws to you twice.

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The Yankees On Amazon: Can Anyone Watch?

Q. I read that Amazon Prime is getting about 20 New York Yankees games this season. I think that’s very cool, but can anyone watch them or will there be blackouts here and there? — Eddie, Milwaukee. Eddie, as you know, Amazon, a part-owner of the Yes Network, will offer 21 New York Yankee games

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