By Phillip Swann
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Amazon’s Prime Video is now selling MLB.TV single-team plans for $49.99, which is $55 less than what it would cost at the league’s official web site.

The single-team option enables you to follow a single team without paying the full price for all games and all teams (minus your local teams.). The plan, which started the season at $129.99 at MLB.TV, is now available for $104.99 at the league’s site.

To qualify for the Amazon single-team discount, you have to be a Prime member. The etailer continues to sell an all-teams plan for $24.99 a month, the same monthly price offered at MLB.TV. You can sign up for a seven-day free trial for either plan.

The MLB single-team package also features personalized game and content recommendations and an expanded library of programming including documentaries and classic games. There’s also a MLB ‘Big Inning’ weeknight feature which offers action from around the league with live look-ins and breaking highlights. You can also see thousands of minor league games with the plan.

Local blackouts still apply in the MLB TV package. You cannot watch the team or teams in your local market with a MLB.TV subscription. You can determine which teams would be blacked out in your zip code here.

However, some fans have decided to use VPNs to watch their home teams on MLB.TV. The software disguises your home IP address, allowing you to watch in-market games. A VPN would enable you to subscribe to a single-team plan and make that team your home team. Read this article to learn more.

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— Phillip Swann