By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, YouTube TV is getting rid of SNY and the Mets! I don’t want to go back to cable so do you know which of the streamers have SNY? This is very important to my family. — John, Woodside, New York.

John, as you know, YouTube TV and SNY both issued statements yesterday saying the agreement allowing the streaming service to carry the regional sports channel will expire on July 1. While it’s possible that the two could reach a new agreement by then, it appears to be highly unlikely.

So if you’re a Mets fan in the New York area who subscribes to YouTube TV, how can you get the RSN (Regional Sports Network) when it leaves on July 1?

Depending upon where you live, a cable TV service will likely carry it. For example, Charter’s Spectrum TV service, which is the largest cable operator in the market, has SNY.

DIRECTV also has SNY in its lineup if you’re able to install a dish at your home.

But what if you want to stay with a streaming service? Which one has SNY?

Hulu Live, Fubo and DIRECTV Stream all carry SNY in their streaming lineups.

Fubo includes SNY in its base plan, which costs $74.99 a month. But there is a $10.99 a month regional sports fee.

DIRECTV Stream has SNY in its Choice plan and above, which start at $99.99 a month. But there is no regional sports fee.

Hulu Live has SNY in its base plan, which costs $69.99 a month. And there is no regional sports fee. If you’re looking for the best price to continue watching SNY, Hulu Live looks like the choice.

John, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann