TV Answer Man, I have Hulu’s live streaming service and they don’t carry the Bally Sports channels which is a bummer with the baseball season now going on. I don’t want to go back to cable, but it looks like my only choice. I don’t want to mess with a VPN, but is there any other way to watch my Braves on Bally Sports on streaming? — Carl, Atlanta. 

Carl, I have received countless e-mails over the last few weeks from readers lamenting that there isn’t a streaming service that carries the 21 Bally Sports regional channels, formerly known as Fox Sports regional channels. I’ve also seen a number of comments from angry fans on social media who say only cable and satellite operators carry the channels.

But it’s not true. While Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live and FuboTV are not carrying the Bally Sports channels due to separate fights over fees, there is one major streaming service that is. And that’s AT&T TV,

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AT&T TV, which can be streamed on an app or via a company-supplied set-top (the set-top is $5 a month), offers dozens of channels in several plans. The packages that include Bally Sports (and a host of other elusive regional sports channels such as MASN, SportsNet LA and Marquee Sports) start at $84.99 a month.

That’s $20 more a month than the basic plan for YouTube TV, Hulu Live and FuboTV, and $50 a month more than Sling TV’s base package. But there are no regional sports fees or contract requirements. So if Bally Sports (or another regional sports channel) is a priority for you, it’s worth checking out. For many viewers, it’s better than returning to cable and satellite where the monthly cost could be significantly higher once you start adding in broadcast and regional sports fees, among other punitive surcharges.

Last point: I know I’ve written about AT&T TV’s carriage of regional sports channels in the past. But there is so much misinformation being spread about streaming and regional sports, I felt it was necessary to reiterate the point. You can get regional sports channels without cable or satellite. It may not be your preferred option, but at least there is an option.

Carl, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann