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Why Is DIRECTV Raising Prices?

Q. I read your article about DIRECTV raising prices again and my question is why, why, why?!! They do this every year. Don’t they understand that many of us are fed up and might cut the cord? — Tom, Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Tom, you’re right. AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, has revealed that, starting next month, it’s

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Why Does Live Streaming Have So Many Technical Issues?

Q. I keep getting buffering while I try to watch AT&T TV Now (formerly DIRECTV Now. Why is that? I thought streaming was the future? I don’t have any problems with Netflix and Hulu. — Claire, Milwaukee.  Claire, streaming from services such as Netflix and Hulu may be the future of television. But live streaming

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DIRECTV vs. Northwest: It’s Over

AT&T and Northwest Broadcasting have announced they’ve ended their nearly eight-month old carriage dispute, which means 20 Northwest-owned local stations can now return to the AT&T-owned DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now. The three TV services lost the Northwest stations on February 22 when AT&T and Northwest could not reach a new programming agreement. (Northwest

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DIRECTV vs. Sinclair: Would You Lose NFL Sunday Ticket?

Q. I keep hearing that we might lose our CBS station on Friday if you have DIRECTV. If we lose it, would we lose the NFL Sunday Ticket, too? Many of the games are on CBS. Please let me know. We’re having a party on Sunday! — Tommie, West Palm Beach, Florida.  Update: Sinclair stations

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Updated: DIRECTV vs. Sinclair: Will There Be a Blackout?

Q. My local station on ABC is saying I could lose it this week if I have DIRECTV. Do you know about this fight and what will happen? Will I lose my channel 7 — Sadie, Clinton, Maryland.  Sadie, Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns 136 local TV stations in 86 markets, is threatening to pull

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ESPN vs. DIRECTV: They Do Have a Deal

AT&T and Disney have finally acknowledged that they have reached a carriage agreement ‘in principle’ that will prevent Disney-owned channels such as ESPN from being blacked out on AT&T-owned TV services such as DIRECTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now. The initial dispute between the companies became known on September 9 when ESPN suddenly began running

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Will DIRECTV Lose ESPN Tonight?

Q. I’ve read that DIRECTV could lose ESPN tonight? Is that true? Will it really happen so soon? It better not! — Yardley, Bel Air, Maryland.  Yardley, the short answer is that we don’t know, but it’s possible. Let me explain. Update: It appears on Sunday morning (September 15) that a deal is done. See

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Q. I was watching the game last night and there was a commercial from ESPN saying DIRECTV might drop ESPN. Is that true? If so, when will it happen? And if it does, I’m gone. That’s the last straw! — Quinn, Kansas City.  Quinn, you are not alone. Many DIRECTV subscribers are nervous this morning

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Should AT&T Sell DIRECTV?

Q. I read that someone is saying AT&T should sell DIRECTV. Do you think they should. As a DIRECTV subscriber, I would like to see it. — Berle, Nashville.  Berle, what you probably read is today’s news about a hedge fund group declaring that  AT&T needs to make wholesale changes, including selling off DIRECTV. Click

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DIRECTV vs. Nexstar: Will Sunday Ticket Be Blacked Out?

Q. We are still without our CBS station here in Raleigh. So it looks like the football games won’t be on for us on DIRECTV. But I have a question. Will the CBS games on the NFL Sunday Ticket be blacked out, too? That would really, really make me mad. — Rami, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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