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Has AT&T Kept Its Promise to DIRECTV Subscribers?

Q. I’ve had DIRECTV for a long time and I remember when AT&T took it over that they made a bunch of promises. Curious if they actually kept those promises. Can you look them up and see? — Teresa, Dunkirk, Maryland.  Teresa, you have a great memory. On July 24, 2015, the day AT&T completed

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AT&T Stops Selling U-verse TV

AT&T has announced that it’s no longer selling its U-verse TV service to new customers. The telco made the announcement today on the U-verse page at “To help our employees serve our existing customers, we’re no longer selling U-verse TV. Service for existing U-verse TV customers is not impacted,” the company states. What’s unclear

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AT&T: What Will It Do With U-verse?

Q. You’ve written a lot about AT&T’s plans for DIRECTV, but what about U-verse? Are they going to keep it going or do they plan to shut it down? — Rita, Clemson, South Carolina.  Rita, the AT&T-owned U-verse will celebrate its 14th anniversary this June, but I would be surprised if it turns 15. Let

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