By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

U-verse is raising its TV package prices by $5-11 a month, effective November 5, 2023. In addition, the DIRECTV-managed U-verse will increase its Broadcast TV fee by $1 a month. DIRECTV, which is also raising the price of its satellite and DIRECTV Stream services, made the U-verse announcement today. The company blamed escalating programming costs for the new price increase. “TV networks are continuing to increase the fees they charge for U-verse TV for the right to distribute the content they produce, including movies, shows, and sporting events. We remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing you the best programming at a fair and reasonable price,” DIRECTV says at its web site.

U-verse customers who get the U-family, U-family All In or U100 plans will see an increase of $5 a month on November 5, 2023. Subscribers to U200, U200 All In, U200 Latino and U200 Latino All In will see an increase of $8 a month. Customers who get U300, U300 All In, U300 Latino and U300 Latino All In will see an increase of $9 a month. U400 subscribers’ plan will rise by $10 a month and subscribers to U450, U450 All In, U450 Latino and
U450 Latino All In plans will get an increase of $11 a month. The HD Premium tier will also rise by $1 a month as will the Broadcast fee.

“We charge the Broadcast TV fee to provide access to local channel broadcast network programming like ABC, NBC, and CBS. It’s not included in your base package price, so you’ll see a separate line item on your bill. This fee isn’t imposed or required by federal, state, or local governments,” DIRECTV says.

U-verse has been in existence for 17 years in select markets, but AT&T and now DIRECTV has scaled back its marketing efforts over the last several years. At the DIRECTV web site, it says U-verse is not taking new customers although existing ones continue to receive service.

DIRECTV also announced today that it’s raising prices for its satellite service and DIRECTV Stream.

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— Phillip Swann