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News Analysis Several news organizations yesterday reported that the Justice Department is demanding that AT&T sell either DIRECTV or Turner (which owns CNN, a subject of President Trump’s ire) to get approval of its merger with Time Warner. First, allow me to note that I have been saying for nearly a year that the Trump administration

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Has CNN Become Time Warner’s ‘Old Maid’?

I have said for weeks that President-elect Donald Trump will not support the AT&T-Time Warner if, in his view at least, CNN continues to hammer him with negative coverage. Since Time Warner owns CNN, Trump would regard approving the merger as rewarding, and reinforcing, the news network’s direction. My analysis was recently confirmed by Bloomberg News which said

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CNN Just Killed the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

News Analysis I’ve been saying for weeks that President-elect Donald Trump could reverse his campaign position, and support the AT&T-Time Warner merger — IF he feels that CNN is being fair to him. (Time Warner owns CNN.) Bloomberg News confirmed my analysis in a January 5 article that said CNN’s coverage of Trump is key

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