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TV Answer Man, are there any free streaming trials for March Madness and the college basketball tournaments this year? We cut the cord a few years ago but we still want to watch our teams! — John, Evanston, Illinois.

John, YouTube TV, the multi-channel, live streaming service, is now offering a three-week free trial for new customers.

The streamer does not say at its web site when the three-week free trial promotion will expire. But if you signed up today, that would take you to March 28 which means you could watch the first two rounds of the college basketball men’s tournament (better known as March Madness) for free. (The March Madness games will air on CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV, all carried by YouTube TV.)

In addition, you could watch next week’s conference tournaments on various channels also carried by YouTube TV.

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YouTube TV, which has more than 100 live channels, offers a base price of $72.99 a month although it’s now offering $10 off each of the first three months. You will be charged the first month of service if you don’t cancel prior to the end of the three-week free trial.

The $10 off deal is only available for new users. Current and past subscribers are not eligible nor is anyone who previously participated in a YouTube TV free trial.

Click here to learn more about the three-week free trial and the three-month discount offer at YouTube TV.

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