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TV Answer Man, With Hulu Live TV, I was wondering if I could get NBC Bay Area Sports and NBC California Sports if I live in Redondo Beach? — Keith, Redondo Beach, California.

Keith, this is a common question for consumers interested in subscribing to a live streaming service such as Hulu Live or YouTube TV. If you sign up, which local channels and regional sports networks will you get? Depending upon your zip code, the answer is not always what you think. Plus, the live streaming services don’t all carry every local network affiliate, or regional sports channel.

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But Hulu Live offers a handy way of determining which local channels you will get in your area. For instance, you can see the list of Redondo Beach-based locals available on Hulu Live by entering your zip code on this Hulu page. In fact, anyone can check which local channels you would get by inputting your zip code on that page.

In the zip codes of 90277 and 90278 (Redondo Beach), you will notice that there are no regional sports channels available. While Hulu Live carries the NBC Sports regional sports nets, the two channels you mentioned in your inquiry are not available in the Redondo Beach area. They are available in parts of Northern California. (By the way, Hulu Live carries relatively few RSNs. In addition to the NBC Sports regionals, it has SportsNet New York and the Monumental Sports Network.)

Keith, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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