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Should You Set Your TV to Vivid Or Cinema?

Q. I want to make sure I have the best possible picture on my TV but I’m confused about the Picture Mode setting. My choices include Cinema, Vivid, Standard and there’s even one for Gaming and Sports! What’s the best setting for my TV, to get the best picture? — Joe, Boston Massachusetts. That’s a

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How to Fix the Color On Your TV

Q. The picture on my TV is off, particularly the color. The color always seems a bit faded. I’ve tried adjusting the color setting on the set but it doesn’t seem to help. The colors still don’t seem to look real. Any suggestions? — Dave, Hagerstown, Maryland. Dave, you were right to try adjusting your TV’s

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Buying a New TV: Should You Get an Extended Warranty?

Q. My friend just bought a 60-inch TV for around $1000 and the store told him he should get the extended warranty for an extra $150. He did. Was that a good move? — Mickey, Prince Frederick, Maryland. Short answer: No! See Today’s Best-Selling TVs at For years, electronics stores have boosted their profits

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