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Will Vizio Bring Down OLED TV Prices?

Q. I read your story about OLED TV prices not likely to come down much. But I just saw that Vizio is going to have an OLED TV. Doesn’t Vizio have lower prices than other TV makers? So, wouldn’t that mean OLED TV will start costing less? — Hank, Reno, Nevada.  Hank, you’re right. Vizio,

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March Madness: 2 Reasons to Buy a 4K TV

Q. I’m thinking of getting a 4K TV to watch all the March Madness and conference tournament games. But is this a good time to buy one? Is the price right? — Dave, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Dave, unlike the Super Bowl, which was a so-so time to buy a 4K TV, this month’s college basketball

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Vizio Smart TV: Why You Lose Your WiFi Connection

Q. I love watching streaming on our Vizio Smart TV, particularly Netflix. But sometimes I lose the connection to my WiFi network. My Internet signal strength seems to be good and we have a top-tier Internet package from Comcast. So, do you have any ideas on how to fix this? — Michelle, Boston.  Michelle, your

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Can Hisense Challenge Vizio For Low-Price, High-Quality TVs?

For several years, Vizio has enjoyed a reputation as making televisions that offer better-than-average picture quality for less-than-expected prices. The company normally ranks near the top in overall TV sales, particularly in North America. But at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Hisense, a Chinese-based company, sent a clear signal that it believes it can challenge

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What Excites You About New TVs?

Q. I know you have been writing about new TV stuff for a long time. Is there anything in particular that excites you now? Something to look forward to? — Daniel, San Diego. Daniel, you are right. I have covered the TV technology scene for more than two decades and it’s easy to get jaded

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