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Kaloopy’s Eye Candy Channel Finds New Home

The Eye Candy Channel, which was unceremoniously removed in April from Pluto TV, has found a new TV home, DistroTV, a Pluto TV rival. The channel, which is owned by a Los Angeles-based company, Kaloopy Media, features continuous videos of beautiful women in various states of undress, dancing, jumping, and sometimes, rolling around the floor

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AT&T & Viacom Reach New Carriage Deal

AT&T and Viacom announced early this morning that they have signed a new carriage agreement that presumably would keep the latter’s 23 basic cable channels on DIRECTV and U-verse. However, the companies did not offer details such as whether all Viacom channels will stay on the TV services, or whether the AT&T-owned live streaming service,

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Will DIRECTV Lose 23 Viacom Channels Tonight?

Update #3 – AT&T and Viacom announce they have signed a new deal. See here for details.  Q. I am a DIRECTV subscriber and I am worried about all these warnings that I will lose a bunch of channels tonight like MTV and Comedy Central. Do you think we will lose them tonight? — Melanie,

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Viacom Buys Pluto TV. So, What Is Pluto TV?

Q. I read today that Viacom bought Pluto TV for a lot of money. So, what on earth is Pluto TV? What makes it so special to get such a big deal? And tell me about the Eye Candy channel. I hear it’s on Pluto. — Verne, Corpus Christi, Texas.  Verne, you’re right. Viacom, which

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Charter Moving 11 Viacom Channels to Most Expensive Tier

Charter this Thursday will move 11 Viacom-owned channels to its most expensive tier (Gold), and eight Viacom channels to its least expensive plan (Select). The company over the weekend informed Charter customer service representatives of the channel changes, the TV Answer Man has learned. (See memo detailing new channel lineup below.) Click Amazon: See Today’s

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Charter Moving 10 Viacom Channels to Higher Tiers

Charter and Viacom last month announced a new carriage agreement that was interpreted by many publications as a major victory for the programmer. However, the TV Answer Man has learned that it’s actually a setback for 10 Viacom channels which will likely see their viewership shrink due to the new pact. The press release revealed

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Viacom Threatens to Pull Channels From Charter

Viacom is warning viewers that Charter subscribers could soon lose its 23 channels due to a disagreement over carriage fees. The 23 Viacom channels include such basic cable favorites as Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Spike. Click Amazon: Hottest Deals In Home Improvement! Click Amazon: Today’s Top-Selling TVs! At its web site,, the

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