The Eye Candy Channel, which was unceremoniously removed in April from Pluto TV, has found a new TV home, DistroTV, a Pluto TV rival.

The channel, which is owned by a Los Angeles-based company, Kaloopy Media, features continuous videos of beautiful women in various states of undress, dancing, jumping, and sometimes, rolling around the floor or beach in apparent imminent ecstasy.

Eye Candy may be considered by some as anachronistic for glorifying and arguably exploiting the female body. But the channel became a cult favorite during its five-year run on Pluto TV.

In fact, when Pluto TV removed The Eye Candy Channel in April, many of its fans posted angry messages in the TV Answer Man reader forum with some contending that PlutoTV’s new owner, ViacomCBS, forced its exit because of political correctness. (Viacom purchased Pluto TV in 2019.)

“So you (ViacomCBS) keep crap like MTV or Teenage Brides on but remove girls in bikinis, guess we know what you really like,” wrote one angry viewer.

Pluto TV did not respond to our inquiries as to why it removed The Eye Candy Channel. But ViacomCBS employees recently petitioned their bosses to remove a Pluto TV channel due to political content they consider objectionable.

Kaloopy also did not respond to our questions regarding its departure from Pluto TV. But the company did post a message on its web site last April that said it was looking for a new TV home.

“As of April 14 Kaloopy will no longer be The Eye Candy Channel on Pluto TV. We enjoyed the last 5 years of running the content on the channel. As with all good things they must come to an end. We’re working on putting up the videos on many new platforms and will be announcing them in the coming weeks,” the statement read.

And now the channel has that new home.

DistroTV, which is available on Roku, Fire TV and other streaming devices, offers scores of free streaming channels in a variety of categories including entertainment, lifestyle, comedy, movies, sports, news and moods. Like Pluto TV, DistroTV presents the channels in a traditional on-screen programming guide.

The Eye Candy Channel is now listed on DistroTV as ‘Kaloopy California Eye Candy Channel’ under Moods.

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— Phillip Swann