Q. Hey, I wanted to watch the Eye Candy Channel tonight and it wasn’t on Pluto TV! I couldn’t find it anywhere and I looked up and down the channels. Where is it?!!! How am I going to stay in quarantine without the Eye Candy Channel?! — Marcio, Marina Del Rey, California.

Update: The Eye Candy Channel has found a new TV home. Find out where here.

Marcio, before I answer, a little background on Pluto TV and the Eye Candy Channel for our readers who are not familiar with either.

Pluto TV is an online service that has roughly 200 free channels. Yes, free. The lineup includes numerous sports, news and movie channels as well as specialty channels for such cult faves as Baywatch, Mystery Science Theater, Doctor Who, Unsolved Mysteries, The Addams Family and Degrassi High, among others.

And for the last five years, Pluto TV has carried The Eye Candy Channel. Produced by a Southern California company called Kaloopy, the Eye Candy Channel features one video after another of a beautiful woman in various states of undress, dancing, jumping, and sometimes, rolling around the floor or beach in apparent imminent ecstasy.

As you can imagine, it’s a channel that must be seen to be truly appreciated, and I suspect many of Pluto’s male viewers have watched it to the point of great appreciation.

But as of last night, you can watch it no more.

Yes, Pluto TV has removed the Eye Candy Channel from its lineup. The streaming service has yet to offer an explanation, but Kaloopy has posted a statement at its web site:

“As of April 14 Kaloopy will no longer be The Eye Candy Channel on Pluto TV. We enjoyed the last 5 years of running the content on the channel. As with all good things they must come to an end. We’re working on putting up the videos on many new platforms and will be announcing them in the coming weeks.”

If I had to guess, which I sometimes am forced to do in this space, I would say the change has something to do with Pluto TV’s new owner, Viacom, which last year assumed control of the service. Perhaps Viacom didn’t like carrying a channel that some might view as an affront to women. But I am just speculating so don’t start calling Viacom and telling some secretary he or she is evil personified.


Sorry to have to inform you of the news, Marcio. But you can still watch Kaloopy’s dancing girls at its web site, and it sounds like the channel will return at some point on another service. The TV Answer Man will update this story if and when we get more information.

Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann