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Replace Your Roku Remote For Free

Q. We have lost our Roku remote. I think the dog hid it somewhere, but we can’t find it anywhere. What’s the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to replace it? Counting on you, Mr. Answer Man. — Roxette, North Beach, Maryland.  Roxette, I have received several e-mails over the years detailing the difficulty in finding

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HBO Max: Why Roku & Fire TV Aren’t Carrying It

Q. I don’t understand why HBO Max isn’t on Roku and Fire TV. They are the only streaming devices I have and everyone I talk to has one or both of those. So why isn’t HBO Max on them like everything else like Netflix and Hulu? Doesn’t Roku and Fire TV know that people might

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HBO Max: Still Not On Roku Or Fire TV

Nine days after launch, HBO Max this morning is still not available on Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV, the nation’s two leading streaming devices. Tony Goncalves, CEO of AT&T’s Otter Media, which manages HBO Max, tells The Verge that he hopes that deals can eventually be struck with all important devices, including Roku and Fire

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HBO Max: Not Available On Roku & Fire TV

The AT&T-owned HBO Max is scheduled to debut next week, but as of this morning, the new streaming service will not be available on arguably the two leading streaming devices, Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV. John Stankey, AT&T’s CEO, acknowledged last week at an industry conference that HBO Max would likely not be available on

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BBB Warns Of Roku ‘Activation Fee’ Scheme

The Better Business Bureau is warning that a company called itself CaliGeeks Inc. is misleading Roku customers into paying ‘activation fees’ ranging from $79.99 to $249.99. Roku, which makes streaming devices, does not require an activation fee. The BBB alert says the activation fee scheme has affected Roku customers in more than 25 states. Roku

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Can You Watch Free HBO On Roku?

Q. I saw your story about free HBO programming, but I couldn’t find the free stuff on my HBO Now app on Roku. Is Roku not having the free shows? — Blake, Port Republic, Maryland.  Blake, as you note, HBO is offering 500 free hours of programming until May to give Coronavirus shut-ins a boost

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