TV Answer Man, I can’t log in to Paramount+ on my Roku!! It says it’s still CBS All Access and it won’t recognize my e-mail and password. It won’t let me change my password when I do password change. I just paid a whole year for this thing and I’m going to cancel if they don’t fix it! Can you help me???? — Fran, Jacksonville.

Fran, you’re not alone. Many Roku owners this morning are storming the social media sites to complain that they can’t log in to the new Paramount+ streaming service on their devices. As you have discovered, Fran, it appears that Roku hasn’t added Paramount+ app to its channel menu. And when you go to the CBS All Access app in your menu, it won’t switch to Paramount+ or recognize your old CBS All Access user credentials. (Paramount said that the CBS All Access app would automatically switch to Paramount+ today.)

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“Hate it when stuff doesn’t work on launch day — you had months to test this paramountplus — can login on computer to paramount+ fine, but sends Roku Smart TV activation to CBS which doesn’t recognize account email. It’s a hot tech mess. Fix it, please!” tweeted one Roku user today.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Go to your Roku’s Settings in Home, click on System, and then System Update. The Roku device will then update the CBS All Access app so it will become the Paramount+ app. After the short update is finished, go back to your menu and the Paramount+ app will be in the position where the CBS app used to be.

Then, type in your user name and password and…start watching!

Fran, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann