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Coronavirus: Can You Watch Disney+ Without Internet?

Q. I read your article about watching Netflix without using the Internet. Can this be done with Disney Plus? We have kids at home because of the Coronavirus and it would be great to have some Disney shows ready in case we have Internet problems.– Samantha, Evanston, Illinois. Samantha, you’re right. Netflix allows you to

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Does Disney Plus Offer 4K Titles?

Q. I’ve been thinking of getting Disney Plus for the whole family so we can watch Star Wars and other cool stuff on our new 4K TV. But my question is does Disney Plus have 4K shows and movies? — Billie, Chincoteague, Virginia.  Billie, before I answer, a few facts about Disney Plus: Disney Plus,

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Q. I was watching the game last night and there was a commercial from ESPN saying DIRECTV might drop ESPN. Is that true? If so, when will it happen? And if it does, I’m gone. That’s the last straw! — Quinn, Kansas City.  Quinn, you are not alone. Many DIRECTV subscribers are nervous this morning

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Is AT&T Planning to Beat Netflix With ‘Verge TV’?

Could AT&T’s new streaming service be called Verge TV? The telco giant, which is expected to launch the new service late this year, last month filed for six trademark applications with Verge or Verge TV in the name. The names are: Verge, Verge TV, VergeTV, Verge From AT&T, VergeTV From AT&T, and Verge TV From

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DIRECTV Raising Sunday Ticket Prices Despite Anthem Protests

DIRECTV has raised the 2018 pre-season price on its most popular NFL Sunday Ticket package by 4.2 percent. The satcaster, which is now taking orders for the 2018 season, has priced the basic Sunday Ticket package at $293.94, compared to the 2017 pre-season price of $281.94. The price increase comes although DIRECTV reportedly received numerous

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Why Disney Could Dominate the Streaming Business

News Analysis Disney’s purchase today of much of Fox’s assets could make the company the most dominant force in streaming, both live and subscription Video on Demand. The deal, if approved by the feds (and it says here it will be), will give Disney control of Fox’s 22 regional sports channels in addition to the

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Disney, Altice: We Have a Deal ‘In Principle’

Disney and the cable operator Altice announced last night that they have reached a new carriage agreement in principle, and will extend its current pact to hammer out the details. Click Amazon: Today’s 1-Day-Only Deals! “We have reached an agreement in principle and have extended the deadline accordingly to try and finalize the terms,” the

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Disney Steps Into the Future With New Streaming Plans

Disney took a few bold steps into the future yesterday, announcing plans for two new streaming services, and a new licensing arrangement with Netflix. Click Amazon: Today’s Top-Selling TVs! The company, which has seen its profits shrink due to ESPN’s declining pay TV subscriptions, said it will launch a standalone ESPN-branded streaming service in 2018.

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Hulu Adds 16 Disney Films Early

Hulu, which lost the rights to show Criterion Collection films last month, rebounded this week by announcing it had secured the exclusive streaming rights to more than 50 Disney films The streamer was expected to begin adding the Disney movies in early 2017. However, Hulu has already added 16 from the Disney collection. They are: Tim Burton’s

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