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Cubs’ Marquee Debuts, But No Comcast Or Hulu. Wait, No Hulu?

Q. So I know the Cubs channel starts today. Will Comcast have it? And what about other services that will have it? — Brian, Evanston, Illinois.  Brian, as you know, the Marquee Sports Channel, the new TV home of the Chicago Cubs, will premiere today at 2 p.m. ET. And at 8 p.m. ET, Marquee

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Dish vs. Fox Sports: Dish Chief Speaks Out!

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen once said he didn’t think the Fox regional sports networks would ever come back to his company’s satellite TV service. But yesterday, Ergen seemed to hold the door open for their return, albeit just slightly. Both Dish and its live streaming service, Sling TV, lost 22 different Fox Sports regional channels

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Marquee Sports Signs Carriage Deal With Hulu Live

Marquee Sports Network, the new TV home of the Chicago Cubs, has announced a carriage agreement with Hulu’s live streaming service. The deal is Marquee’s second with a live streaming service. Previously, the new regional sports channel secured a carriage pact with AT&T TV Now (also a live streamer) as well as traditional pay TV

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Marquee & Cubs: What’s Taking Comcast So Long?

Q. I read your story saying that you think Comcast will add the new Cubs channel by opening day. So what is the holdup? Why doesn’t Comcast do it already? — Mitch, Evanston, Illinois.  Mitch, as you know, the new Marquee Sports Network, which will be the exclusive TV home for the Chicago Cubs, launches

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How to Get Cubs Games Out of Market

Q. I live in Henderson, Nevada (next to Las Vegas) and have purchased the MLB package (from DIRECTV) for years. I moved here from Chicago and brought the Cubs with me via DirecTV. I know that the Cubs will now only broadcast on the Marquee Sports Network, and your article indicated an arrangement had been reached with DirecTV

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Marquee & Cubs: Will Comcast Carry It?

Q. I’m very angry that the Cubs are on this new special channel and my cable service Comcast isn’t carrying it. Do you think this will change before the season begins? Or before spring training games begin? — Yardley, Evanston, Illinois.  Yardley, the new Marquee Sports Network, which will be the exclusive home to Chicago

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