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Dish vs. Sinclair: No, There’s Nothing New

Q. I want to watch the Mavericks and Rangers now that they are back and playing. But Dish still doesn’t carry Fox Sports Southwest. Is there anything new in this ridiculous fight? — Eddie, Fort Worth, Texas.  Eddie, I’ve received several e-mails from Dish subscribers since Major League Baseball began its 2020 season last week,

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Will YouTube TV Carry Marquee Sports?

Q. I’ve stayed with YouTube TV even though they raised the price. But will they have the Marquee Sports channel that has the Cubs on it? If the answer is no, I think I’m gone. — Bobby, Evanston, Illinois.  Bobby, as you note, YouTube TV just raised the price of its monthly service from $50

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Dish vs. Sinclair: Anything New?

Q. I thought Dish would have had the Fox regional sports channels back by now with the baseball and basketball seasons starting again soon. What’s new with this? Anything at all?! — Davey, Phoenix.  Davey, Dish (and its live streaming service, Sling TV) has been missing the 22 Fox-branded regional sports networks since July 2019

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Will the Cubs Be On Comcast?

Q. Now that baseball is coming back, will the Chicago Cubs’ new channel be on Comcast? That’s our largest cable operator. I know they’ve been arguing, but did they get a deal during the Coronavirus? — John, Evanston, Illinois.  John, you’re right. Major League Baseball announced yesterday that it will impose a 60-game schedule, likely

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YouTube TV Subs Getting Screwed Twice On Fox Sports

Q. I read your article about YouTube TV making our regional sports channel not available in our area because of money. That steams me and I want to know if there’s another way to get my Texas Rangers. — Fran, Lubbock, Texas.  Fran, I’m afraid that YouTube TV is putting the screws to you twice.

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Dish vs. Sinclair: Could It End Before Opening Day?

Q. Baseball season is less than three weeks away and Dish still doesn’t have my favorite team in my lineup. Will this thing end before opening day? If not, I am done with Dish and I will get a new TV company!! — Teresa, Phoenix.  Teresa, as you know, Dish has been missing the 22

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YouTube TV: What Happened to Fox Sports?

Q. Hey, I used to get Fox Sports Southwest on YouTube TV here in Lubbock, but now it’s gone. We used to watch the (Texas) Rangers games. Is the channel coming back? — Tom, Lubbock, Texas.  Tom, as you may know, YouTube TV last week signed a new carriage agreement with Sinclair, the owner of

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YouTube TV Loses Yes Network In Carriage Fight

YouTube TV is no longer carrying the Yes Network, the TV home of the New York Yankees, and Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket due to a carriage dispute with their ownership, Sinclair Broadcasting. However, it’s unclear this morning if the live streaming service is also losing the remainder of the 20 Sinclair-owned, but Fox-branded

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YouTube TV: Fox Regional Sports Still On ‘Temporarily’

YouTube TV says Sinclair has agreed to a temporary extension that will keep the Fox regional sports networks in YouTubeTV’s lineup today while the companies continue to negotiate a permanent agreement. The live streaming service announced earlier this week that the channels would be removed today because it could not reach a new carriage pact

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YouTube TV vs. Sinclair: When Will It End?

Q. I see that YouTube TV will pull the Fox regional sports channels tomorrow, Why are they doing this and do you think it will be a short situation or a lengthy one? — Miranda, San Diego.  Miranda, as you know, YouTube TV, the live streaming service, yesterday posted an announcement saying it will remove

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Sinclair ‘Confident’ Fox RSNs Will Return to Dish

Chris Ripley, CEO of Sinclair, which owns the 22 Fox regional sports networks, said this week that he’s “confident” that the sports nets will return to Dish. The channels were removed last July when Dish could not reach a new carriage pact with Disney, which then owned them. (Disney sold the Fox-branded group to Sinclair

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Cubs’ Marquee Debuts, But No Comcast Or Hulu. Wait, No Hulu?

Q. So I know the Cubs channel starts today. Will Comcast have it? And what about other services that will have it? — Brian, Evanston, Illinois.  Brian, as you know, the Marquee Sports Channel, the new TV home of the Chicago Cubs, will premiere today at 2 p.m. ET. And at 8 p.m. ET, Marquee

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