TV Answer Man, I live in Georgia and get all the Atlanta Braves and Hawks games on Bally Sports Southeast and Bally Sports South. Do you think they will broadcast the Braves and Hawks home games in 4K in the near future? I know that Altitude Sports broadcasts Denver Nuggets games in 4K in their region. Hopefully, Bally Sports will do the same in our region. — Vincent, hometown withheld.

Vincent, you’re right. Altitude, the TV home of the Denver Nuggets, produces the home games of the NBA team in 4K.

NBC Sports Chicago does some games of the Chicago White Sox and Blackhawks in the format as well, as does Spectrum SportsNet LA with Los Angeles Dodgers games. (DIRECTV carries the 4K broadcasts of all three while Comcast, which does not carry Altitude and SportsNet LA, has only the Chicago games in 4K.) NESN, the TV home of the Boston Red Sox, also plans to do some games this season in 4K, but the regional sports channel has yet to offer dates.

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But what about the 19 Bally Sports (owned by Sinclair) regional sports channels which air the games of dozens of NBA, MLB and NHL teams, including your Braves and Hawks in the Atlanta market?

Well, Sinclair has not offered any timetable for when it might introduce 4K to its regional games, but the company recently opened a new media operations center that has the capability to deliver 4K broadcasts.

“(It) has a large capacity for control rooms and has UHD 4K capabilities. That gives us plenty of room to expand,” a company executive recently told TV Technology.

As regional sports channels, including Bally Sports, looks for creative ways to entice more pay TV services to carry their networks, it would not surprise me if Sinclair added 4K, perhaps as early as next year. The TV Answer Man will monitor this situation, and report back here if anything changes.

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— Phillip Swann