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Is Better Call Saul Available In 4K?

Q. Is Better Call Saul available in 4K? A friend told me it was, but I watched last night’s episode on AMC and it doesn’t look like 4K to me. What’s the deal? — Teresa, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Teresa, you’re both right. Better Call Saul, the prequel to the critically-acclaimed drama, Breaking Bad, is

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AMC Launches Ad-Free Programs Via Comcast

Comcast and AMC are teaming to deliver an ad-free, $4.99-a-month on-demand streaming service consisting of AMC programming. Called AMC Premiere, the service will only be available to Comcast video subscribers who will be able to stream the ad-free shows at the same time they are airing with commercials on the live AMC channel. The stream

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