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Can You Watch 4K With a TV Antenna?

Q. I saw a commercial that said you can watch channels in 4K with a TV antenna. Is that true? What shows are in 4K on an antenna? Do the networks like CBS have 4K with an antenna? — Jerry, Reston, Virginia.  Jerry, I have seen those same commercials advertising products that claim you can

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DIRECTV, Dish Lose Local Channels: Is There An Alternative?

Q. I have DIRECTV and I lost my local Fox and CBS stations because they are fighting over money or something. Is there anything I can do to get my local channels back? — Carlos, Albuquerque. Carlos, you’re right. DIRECTV and Nexstar, the owner of more than 120 local stations, including the two you mentioned

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Cutting the Cord? Why You Should Get a TV Antenna

Q. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my cable service, and cutting the cord. I am considering Sling TV and DIRECTV Now as alternatives, but should I also get a rooftop antenna, or an indoor antenna, to get my local channels. I hear the picture is better, and some streaming services don’t offer local

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