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Viacom Buys Pluto TV. So, What Is Pluto TV?

Q. I read today that Viacom bought Pluto TV for a lot of money. So, what on earth is Pluto TV? What makes it so special to get such a big deal? And tell me about the Eye Candy channel. I hear it’s on Pluto. — Verne, Corpus Christi, Texas.  Verne, you’re right. Viacom, which

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What Is Pluto TV & The Eye Candy Channel?

Q. A buddy of mine told me I should watch Pluto TV and, in particular, the Eye Candy channel. What are they? Can you fill me in, Mr. TV Answer Man? — Tom, Philadelphia. Tom, Pluto TV is an online service that has roughly 100 channels — and they are all free! See Amazon’s Best-Selling

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