TV Answer Man, I keep trying to get my Paramount+ app on my Roku and every time I try it says, ‘Sign Up or Sign Out.’ But I already have a subscription and when I try to click on Sign Up, it says I already have an account, which I do. But if I click on Sign Out, it takes me out of the app and when I go back to the app, I get the Sign Up or Sign Out message again. This is driving me crazy! Any ideas on how to fix this? — Jen, Toledo, Ohio.

Jen, Paramount+, the streaming service that launched on March 4, has experienced some technical glitches, particularly with the login on Roku devices. This is not uncommon with new online ventures which sometimes need to work out the bugs in real time.

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But I understand how frustrating this can be for consumers who justifiably expect things to work perfectly at launch. In fact, I’ve received several e-mails this week regarding the ‘Sign Up or Sign Out’ issue. I addressed one login issue affecting Roku owners a few weeks ago so let’s take a stab at resolving this one.

If you have previously subscribed to Paramount+ (or CBS All Access, the service’s previous name) through Roku, the device maker suggests cancelling the subscription in your Roku ‘manage subscriptions’ settings. Once you do that, go to the app in your device’s menu and remove it. (You can do this by highlighting the app and clicking the asterisk button; this will call up several options, including ‘remove channel.’)

Then after you remove it, restart your Roku device. After you do that, go to the Channel Store in your device’s menu and reinstall the Paramount+ app. Then, go to the app. It should work normally with your previous credentials. When your subscription is set to expire, you will get a prompt to continue it.

If that doesn’t work, I would suggest removing the app again. But this time, before you reinstall it, go to the Paramount+ web site and sign up as a new subscriber. Then, go back to Roku and reinstall the Paramount+ app. Hopefully, it will ask for your sign-in information and you can input your user name and password you just created from the Paramount web site.

I can’t guarantee that either of these options will work for you, but they are worth a try. Let us know how it goes.

Until then, happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann