Q. I read your article, but Roku deleted my Spectrrum app. When I looked in my queue, it wasn’t there any more. You really should report this. This is not what you said. — Roger, Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Roger, as you noted, I reported on Sunday that Roku has removed Charter’s Spectrum TV app from its Channel Store due to a carriage fight between the two companies.

Update: Roku & Charter Settle Dispute

However, my article said the app, which allows Charter’s Spectrum subscribers to watch live TV and On Demand programming, is still available for Roku owners who have previously downloaded it. You can no longer download it from the Roku Channel Store, and if you uninstall it from your Roku menu, you will not be able to replace it, I wrote.

Since publication of that story, I have received a handful of e-mails from Spectrrum subscribers saying that Roku deleted the app from their Roku channel menu where all downloaded apps are stored. A few Spectrum customers posted similar complaints in our reader comments section, and there’s a thread here in the Roku community forum.

I can’t explain how you lost the Spectrum app from your menus, but Roku and Charter maintain that the carriage row should not affect service for Roku users who previously downloaded it. In other words, Roku is not deleting it, or so the device maker says.

“All existing SpectrumTV app users can continue to use the app while we work together on a renewal,” Roku says in its statement on the fee fight.

You might suggest Roku is being tricky and selectively deleting some apps to create more unrest among Spectrum subscribers so they will pressure the cable operator to sign a new carriage deal. But there’s no evidence of that, and the likelihood is remote because Charter would be screaming about it publicly if it were happening.

Roger, hope that helps. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann