Hundreds of Roku owners are saying the company’s recent 10.5 software update has made it nearly impossible to watch anything on their streaming devices. The technical snafu seems to be affecting Roku Ultra owners the most but Roku TV and other Roku device owners are also complaining, according to posts on social media sites and Roku’s community page.

See an update to this story at the bottom of the page.

Roku last month began rolling out the 10.5 update which the company says improves several features including voice search and remote listening.

But since the rollout began, Roku device owners have begun posting messages saying they can no longer watch most channels in their menu. When they click on the channel in their menu, the channel will not begin streaming.

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“Yep, mine’s been mostly effed up since 10/28. Netflix is the only channel that doesn’t have issues or is slow. I think they seriously screwed up the network stack,” writes ‘Zathras’ on the Roku community page. “Disney+ and Hulu fail to load with couldn’t find network. Amazon loads, reports a network error in multiple languages and won’t play anything. Criterion channel and HBOMax load, but fail to play. Criterion throws an error, HBOMax just fails back to the last screen before play. It’s a total cluster.”

“@Rokusupport – Your updates destroy your product and your response is silence. Oh if that wasn’t enough you force these updates on us then won’t give us the option to rollback,” tweets ‘Kevin Kline’ on Twitter.

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“After the OS update I can stream AMC+ on my Roku Express but not on my Roku Ultra . Can you solve this problem. Both are upgraded to 10.5,” says another user on Twitter.

Roku has yet to offer an official comment, including a solution, other than to ask specific users on social media or the Roku community page to provide their device’s serial number in a direct message. After submitting the serial number, some users say they were able to use their devices after Roku issued a software rollback directly to their boxes or Roku TV.

Other users say they were able to resume using their device after taking the following steps:

1. Unplug your device
2. Disconnect your router
3. Reconnect your router
4. Plug your device back in.
5. Go to Settings and reset your system.

It’s unclear if this five-step solution will work for everyone affected.

The TV Answer Man has asked Roku for a comment on this issue and will report back here if we receive one.

Update: Roku today posted a response to the complaints at its web site:

“A small portion of users that have certain older Roku TV models or older Roku Ultra players are experiencing issues with the latest firmware update, OS 10.5.

We are actively investigating and working to resolve this as quickly as possible and will provide our customers with real-time updates here, and at

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can subscribe to this thread to be notified of updates. 

We expect to have an update on this issue later today.”

Later, Roku offered this update:

“UPDATE for Roku player models: 4660, 4661, 4662, and 4670.

“If you are experiencing channel playback issues on a Roku Ultra model 4660, 4661, 4662, and 4670, you may check for a manual update. To receive the update for Roku Ultra, navigate to Home > Settings > System > System Update > Check Now. “

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— Phillip Swann