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Why AT&T Might Not Sell DIRECTV

News Analysis Last week’s Fox Business report that “bankers” are saying AT&T needs to sell DIRECTV because it’s an ‘underperforming asset’ certainly rings true. Since AT&T purchased DIRECTV in 2015 for $49 billion, the nation’s top satellite TV service has lost roughly five million subscribers. Making matters worse, the customer defections are dramatically increasing with

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Why Would Dish Want to Buy DIRECTV?

Q. I read your article today about AT&T selling DIRECTV to Dish. Why would Dish want DIRECTV now? Aren’t they losing subscribers, too? What’s the point of buying a satellite TV service in a pandemic, particularly when the business is dying. I don’t get it. And wouldn’t the federal government block the deal anyway? —

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Will AT&T Soon Sell DIRECTV?

Bankers say AT&T needs to sell DIRECTV due to the Coronavirus outbreak and accumulating company debt, according to a Fox Business report. The report does not name the bankers, nor say how many are offering this opinion. It also does not say if the bankers are communicating this position with AT&T, or if AT&T is 

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HBO Max: Not Available On Roku & Fire TV

The AT&T-owned HBO Max is scheduled to debut next week, but as of this morning, the new streaming service will not be available on arguably the two leading streaming devices, Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV. John Stankey, AT&T’s CEO, acknowledged last week at an industry conference that HBO Max would likely not be available on

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Why Does AT&T TV Require Two-Year Contracts?

Q. I was reading your story about AT&T TV and was thinking of getting it. But it has a two-year contract. Why is that? Isn’t streaming supposed to be all about cutting the cord and having some freedom? — Aimee, Suitland, Maryland.  Aimee, that’s a good point. Today’s live streaming services, such as YouTube TV,

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Has AT&T Kept Its Promise to DIRECTV Subscribers?

Q. I’ve had DIRECTV for a long time and I remember when AT&T took it over that they made a bunch of promises. Curious if they actually kept those promises. Can you look them up and see? — Teresa, Dunkirk, Maryland.  Teresa, you have a great memory. On July 24, 2015, the day AT&T completed

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Why Some DIRECTV Subs Could Lose Network TV Channels

Q. I just got a message from DIRECTV saying I will no longer get out-of-market network channels on June 1. What the Hell?! Is this AT&T’s doing again? What’s going on with this? — Ivan, Leonardtown, Maryland.  DIRECTV, which is owned by AT&T, is now notifying some customers that they could lose their network TV

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