By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

DIRECTV has begun adding 4K channels for streaming customers who have the company’s new Gemini set-top, the company confirmed this afternoon.

“The gradual rollout of 4K on DIRECTV via Internet using the Gemini device is underway with the hope that most customers will have it by the end of June,” a DIRECTV spokesman told the TV Answer Man.

It’s not clear when DIRECTV Stream subscribers who use non-company set-tops such as Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV will get 4K. However, some customers using Roku say they have seen future 4K programming such as soccer’s Gold Cup tournament listed in their on-screen guide. The TV Answer Man has asked DIRECTV for a clarification.

Update: DIRECTV has issued a statement on its Subscriber Forum on its web site:

“We have the 4K broadcast available on DIRECTV channel 104 for customers with Gemini or Roku Devices. In the coming weeks and months, more 4K content will be added on channels 105 and 106. Support will also be added for Android TV, FireTV and AppleTV devices.”

DIRECTV’s streaming offerings are broken into two categories: DIRECTV Stream, which consists of customers who use non-company streaming devices, and DIRECTV via Internet, which are subscribers who elect to use the company’s new Gemini box.

The company has posted a help page on its web site that says DIRECTV Stream and DIRECTV via Internet will soon offer three 4K channels, including two for live sports. The page says that 4K programming will be included in any streaming base package and will not require an extra fee.

DIRECTV, which already provides live 4K sports on its satellite service, has promised to add 4K programming to its streaming lineup for years, dating back to December 2017. (YouTube TV and Fubo are the only multi-channel, live streamers that currently offer 4K.)

The TV Answer Man will continue to monitor this situation and report back here if we learn more about DIRECTV Stream and 4K.

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— Phillip Swann