By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

The Yes Network, the regional TV home of the New York Yankees, is adding single-screen interactive stats to Yankee broadcasts on select connected devices. The new Live Stats feature will be available starting tonight on Yes’ broadcast of the Yankees-Seattle Mariners game at 7 p.m. ET.

The interactive stats, which will be available on the Yes app via Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and Google TV at launch, will enable home viewers to search for supplemental information about the players and teams while they are watching the game.

The stats will include individual batter and pitcher stats (daily, season and career); real-time play-by-play; a pitch-by-pitch feature including the type of pitch and the pitch speed; batting order; defensive lineups; each team’s available bench and bullpen players; division standings; and more.

Fans can control the Yes app’s Live Stats via their TV remotes or their phones.

“This launch is the latest example of Yes’ re-imagining the sports viewing experience, giving them the ability to watch the game how and where they want to watch it. Fans, in essence, are in the director’s chair. In the process, Yes is providing popular content that enhances engagement and a sense of community,” the network says in a press release.

The Yes app offers a similar Live Stats feature with the channel’s Brooklyn Nets telecasts.

Yes says it expects to launch two more features – Pick-N-Play Live and Watch Party – as a second-screen experience on connected devices in the coming months, allowing users to utilize these features on their smartphones or tablets while watching the stream on the big screen.

Pick-N-Play Live is a real-time, in-game, single-screen watch-and-play experience. Watch Party enables friends to watch Yes’ live-streamed Yankees and Nets telecasts on the Yes App together while seeing and chatting with each other.

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— Phillip Swann