TV Answer Man, I see that the Los Angeles Clippers are starting a channel for cord cutters. Do you know the details like cost and how to watch it? — Dan, West Hollywood, California. 

Dan, the Los Angeles Clippers yesterday announced that it will stream 74 regular season games during the 2022-23 NBA season on the NBA’s official league app for $199.99. Called ClipperVision, the service will not require a subscription to a cable or satellite operator or a live streamer such as DIRECTV Stream.

(DIRECTV Stream is the only multi-channel live streaming service that carries Bally Sports SoCal, which has the Clippers games. ClipperVision and Bally Sports SoCal are only available in the Los Angeles Clippers market.)

The Clippers are also available via cable and satellite on the Bally Sports SoCal regional sports network, and the new Bally Sports Plus service, which does not require a cable or satellite sub. But ClipperVision will include six different streams including one with the actual game, one with live commentary from former players and Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, and ones with Korean and Spanish play-by-play and analysis.

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“I have wanted to create a product like ClipperVision since the day I came to the Clippers. Years of effort, hard work and development have led up to its launch,” Ballmer said in a statement. “ClipperVision’s augmented reality and interactivity will let us transform the experience our fans have watching games and provide them with more platforms to watch the Clippers.”

There will be four ways to access ClipperVision:

1. Via the NBA League App:
Click “Games” then “Games Details.” From there, click “Watch Live” to launch ClipperVision.

2. Visit (desktop/mobile web):
Click “ClipperVision” under the “Watch” tab.
Click “Games” then “Game Details.” From there, click “Watch Live on” to launch ClipperVision.

3. Via (desktop/mobile web):
Click “Join” to subscribe and watch.
Click “Watch Now Schedule” ”Watch” to launch ClipperVision.

4.Via AppleTV or Roku:
Launch the NBA League App. (Install app and/or authenticate your subscription, if needed.)
Click “Games” then “Games Details.” From there, click “Watch Live” to launch ClipperVision.

The first Clippers game on ClipperVision will be the team’s matchup against the Sacramento Kings on October 22 at 10 p.m. ET.

If you order before October 20, and include the code, PRESEASON at checkout, you can now get ClipperVision for 50 percent off.

Dan, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann