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TV Answer Man, you wrote about a big discount on MLB TV before the season began. Do you know of any special deals on the NBA League Pass with the season starting up now? — Jamal, Sacramento, California.
Jamal, you’re right. We reported last March that you could get a 50 percent discount on MLB TV by making a donation to the Major League Players Association Alumni organization. The NBA’s 2023-24 season tips off tomorrow night (October 24) with a doubleheader on TNT and then 12 games on Wednesday night. Is there any way to get a discount on the NBA League Pass, the league’s online package of out-of-market games? Answer: Yes.

How to Get 3 Free Months Of the NBA League Pass
FanDuel, the online betting service, is giving three free months of the NBA League Pass and $200 in ‘bonus bets’ to any new FanDuel Sportsbook customer who places a $5 bet between now and Thursday, October 26. Even better, existing FanDuel customers who bet $5 on the NBA will also receive three complimentary months of NBA League Pass. The offer for existing customers will last through December 11.

I’m not encouraging you to become a gambler, of course, although I have nothing against that. (I have been known to place a bet from time to time.) So if you have a problem with gambling, you could just open an account, and plunk down $5 on a random team to get the three months of the NBA League Pass and then stop betting. The package’s base plan costs $14.99 a month so that’s a $45 value. Trading $5 for $45 is always a good deal, right? And who knows? You might win your bet!

Where Are FanDuel Sportsbooks Located?
To learn more about the offer, which is available in any state in which a FanDuel Sportsbook operates, click here. The betting service says you will receive a code for the NBA League Pass freebie within 72 hours of making your first bet. Below is a map of the states where the FanDuel Sportsbook operates:
FanDuel NBA League Pass Promo Eligible States.

Jamal, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann