YouTube TV, the multi-channel, live streaming service, is now offering a subscription price of $14.99 for the first month of service. That’s $50 off the regular base price of $64.99 a month.

The streamer earlier this month ran a promotional campaign where customers could get up to $20 a month off the $64.99 monthly base price for the first three months. YouTube TV rotated the three-month promotional prices on its Home Page so visitors would see different offers. Depending upon when you visited the site, you might see a $10 off deal or a $15 or $20 off promotion.

But with the 2022 March Madness tournament underway (YouTube TV carries the four channels that will air the games), YouTube TV is now featuring an offer of $14.99 for the first month. The $14.99 deal appears occasionally on the YouTube TV Home Page while, at other times, an offer of $10 off the first three months appears. (The TV Answer Man this morning found that the $14.99 promotion seemed to appear more often on YouTube TV’s mobile page while the $10 off deal appeared more often on the desktop page.)

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In both cases, the price reverts to the regular $64.99 a month base unless the customer cancels prior to the end of the promotional term. The deals are also only available to people who are not current or previous YouTube TV subscribers or have ever participated in a YouTube TV free trial.

You can get six weeks of YouTube TV for $14.99.

But you can still get a 14-day free trial with the first month discount, which means you can get six weeks of service for $14.99.

This is not the first time that YouTube TV has made the 1-month $14.99 offer. The service ran a similar promotion last November.

But YouTube TV’s multiple promotions is more evidence that live streaming services are exploring creative ways to generate new subscribers in an increasingly competitive category. FuboTV, which normally has a $64.99 a month base price, recently revealed that it’s testing a $69.99 a month starter rate after previously testing a quarterly-only payment plan. DIRECTV Stream last month initiated a five-day free trial after forgoing free trials a year ago, and the streamer is now running a $10 off the first three months limited time offer.

And YouTube TV, which now offers that two-week free trial, recently tested a two-day free trial.

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— Phillip Swann