TV Answer Man, I heard that YouTube TV will have NBA TV games in 4K. How do you watch the games in 4K? Is there an extra cost? And when does it start? — Jamey, Oklahoma City. 

Jamey, YouTube TV, the multi-channel, live streaming service, has announced that it will begin offering select NBA TV games in 4K. The first 4K game will be tomorrow night’s matchup between Oklahoma City and Cleveland at 8 p.m. ET. (Note: DIRECTV has provided NBA TV games in 4K for a few years.)

YouTube TV is one of two live streaming operators that provide programming in 4K. FuboTV is the other. However, unlike FuboTV, YouTube TV charges extra to watch live sporting events in the format.

The streamer’s 4K add-on plan costs $19.99 a month, but new users can get a one-month free trial and then a price of $9.99 a month for one year. (If 4K Plus subscribers cancel or pause their plan at any time during the 12-month period, the discount price will no longer be available.)

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The one-year discount, and free trial, is designed to encourage new and current YouTube TV customers to give 4K Plus a try. However, with the streamer’s base plan already costing $64.99 a month, that would bring your monthly total to $74.99 a month. (Note that YouTube TV is now offering the first three months of the base $64.99 a month package for $54.99 a month.)

In addition to the NBA TV games, YouTube TV provides select ESPN, NBC and Fox games in 4K and it will stream next month’s Winter Olympics in the format.

In addition to 4K programming, the add-on package includes unlimited concurrent streams at home and the ability to view DVR recordings offline for available content (mobile devices only).

Last point: To watch YouTube TV in 4K, you will need a 4K TV and a 4K-enabled streaming device which include:

4K Android TV models like Sony Bravia, and others; Samsung, LG and HiSense 4K Smart TVs (2016 or later); Chromecast with Google TV; 4K Roku Streaming Devices; Apple TV 4K (2021); PS4 Pro; Amazon Fire 4k Stick (1st Gen – 2018); and Nvidia Shield.

Jamey, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann