Dish last night signed a new carriage agreement with Block Communications, returning seven Mideast network affiliates to the satcaster’s lineup after an eight-day absence.

The affected channels are: WOHL-TV, which manages the ABC and CBS channels for Lima, Ohio; WLIO-TV, the NBC and Fox channels for Lima; WDRB-TV, the Fox channel for Louisville, Kentucky; WAND-TV, the NBC channel in Decatur, Illinois; and WBKI-TV, the CW affiliate for Louisville.

The stations have posted a notice at their web sites stating they are again available on Dish.

“DISH Network returned WDRB FOX, WBKI CW and MY58 TV to its channel lineup Friday, after a week-long absence,” the notice states. “The issue centered around an impasse on a new retransmission consent agreement with Block Communications, Inc that would give DISH the right to carry the broadcast channels. All DISH customers should see their channels re-appear shortly. Anyone with issues can call the DISH customer service center at 1-800-333-3474.”

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Dish and Block did not release the terms of the new agreement.

Dish is also involved in a dozen other carriage battles which has resulted in the satcaster losing more than 100 channels. The satcaster has been without Tegna’s 64 local network affiliates since October 6 due to their carriage row.

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— Phillip Swann