By Phillip Swann
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Former editor of Satellite DIRECT magazine

TV Answer Man, I am tempted to get the NFL Sunday Ticket now that the price is lower. But do you think they will lower the price again? Should I wait? — Marty, Oklahoma City.

What Is the NFL Sunday Ticket Price Now?

Marty, YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels on November 1 dropped the price of the NFL Sunday Ticket by 50 percent with 10 weeks left in the regular season. The price now ranges from $174 (base package on YouTube TV; requires a YouTube TV sub) to $244 (bundle plan on YouTube Primetime Channels; does not require a YouTube TV sub.)

There are now eight weeks left in the regular season so I don’t expect to see an additional price cut anytime soon. However, I would not be surprised to see one in about three to four weeks. Why? Because that’s what DIRECTV did when it had the NFL Sunday Ticket. Last year with four weeks left in the regular season, DIRECTV slashed the price of its streaming edition of the Ticket to $58 for the base plan.

Why Would YouTube Cut the Sunday Ticket Price Again?

As regular readers of The TV Answer Man know, I correctly predicted this year’s mid-season Sunday Ticket price discount because YouTube has closely followed DIRECTV’s marketing moves for the football package. Knowing that DIRECTV implemented a mid-season price cut ever year, I suspected that YouTube would do the same – and it did.

When Is a Sunday Ticket Price Cut Likely?

Consequently, I think it’s a good bet that both YouTube services will cut Ticket prices again with about a month left in the season.

Marty, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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