TV Answer Man, the Tigers are playing this Sunday and it’s supposed to be on Peacock. Will it be on Bally Sports, too? If not, what’s the details on watching it on Peacock? — Margie, Detroit.

Margie, the NBC-owned Peacock streaming service will offer 18 Major League Baseball games this season on Sunday mornings, including this Sunday’s (July 3) matchup between the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers at 12:05 p.m. ET from Comerica Park in Detroit.

However, Peacock’s presentation of the Tigers-Royals game will be unique. The streamer will not have any announcers in the booth, choosing instead to use roving reporters to offer perspectives from different places in the park. The idea is to make the home viewer feel like he or she is at the game.

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“We’re going to take you out to the ballpark,” NBC Sports executive producer Sam Flood tells the Chicago Tribune. “We just want to be the ultimate fan’s experience and spend it like anyone else. It’s an American holiday celebration weekend. We’re going to lean in and treat baseball like fans do.”

Now, how do you watch Peacock’s Tigers-Royals game without announcers?

Unlike Apple TV+’s Friday night MLB streaming doubleheaders, Peacock is requiring fans to subscribe to one of its two Premium plans (starts at $4.99 a month) to watch its MLB games. (Apple has promised to stream the games for free at least through July.)

If you don’t subscribe, there will be no other way to watch the Tigers-Royals game, or any of the remaining games on Peacock’s schedule. Since they are Peacock exclusives, they will not be available on any other service or channel, including NBC, MLB TV, MLB Extra Innings, or the teams’ regional sports channels such as Bally Sports Detroit, the usual TV home of the Tigers, or Bally Sports Kansas City, the usual TV home of the Royals.

And, you will have to subscribe to a Peacock Premium plan. (Unless you have Comcast which includes a free Peacock Premium subscription with its video service.).

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If you decide to subscribe to Peacock, you will be able to access the games on the Peacock app or at the Peacock web site. You can see a list of supported devices here.

Margie, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann