DIRECTV, Comcast and Dish are among the pay TV providers that will hold a free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package from today, April 1, through April 8.

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The Extra Innings plan normally costs anywhere from $170 to $200 for the full season plan of out-of-market games, but cable and satellite operators this year have slashed the price to around $130. This makes Extra Innings more competitive with MLB.TV, the league’s online package of games, which costs $129.99. (Most pay TV operators are also including MLB.TV in their Extra Innings plans at no extra cost.)

MLB.TV is not offering a free preview to start the 2021 campaign, but you can get a seven-day free trial at any time during the season.

It’s likely that other pay TV providers will offer a free Extra Innings preview this week, but thus far, there have been no announcements.

The Extra Innings package offers up to 100 regular season games with most of them available in High-Definition.

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— Phillip Swann