Orby TV, a satellite TV service that started in 2019 as a low-cost alternative to DIRECTV and Dish, has mysteriously deleted all contents of its web site except for one line saying it’s no longer “activating customer accounts.”

Update: Orby TV Goes Out of Business

The satcaster’s customer help line has a recorded message echoing that Orby is no longer activating customer accounts, and its Facebook page appears to have been removed. Orby TV also has a YouTube page with 1.26 thousand subscribers, but all content has been removed.

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The TV Answer Man has been unable to reach Michael Thornton, Orby’s CEO, and a former Starz and DIRECTV executive. When we called a Beverly Hills, California phone number listed for Orby at various business web sites, the person answering said it was a private residence which had nothing to do with Orby.

Eric Becker, a former Starz executive who now runs a private public relations firm called Becker PR, has done public relations work for Orby in the past. But when asked today if he knew the satellite TV service’s status, he said he did not work with Orby any longer and was unaware of its current status.

Some Orby TV subscribers have posted messages on social media sites saying they are still receiving programming as of today.

Orby TV, which has been available in every state but Alaska and Hawaii, started in 2019 as a response to the escalating cost of cable and satellite television. Orby’s monthly cost is $40 for its base package, which is considerably less than DIRECTV and Dish.

Like DIRECTV and Dish, Orby delivers signals to your home via a small satellite dish and receiver, which can be purchased at Best Buy and other retail outlets. However, Best Buy today is not selling new Orby receivers, only reduced-priced ones on “clearance.”

The TV Answer Man will try to learn more about Orby’s status and report back when we get more information.

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— Phillip Swann