Without explanation, Orby TV last week removed all content from its web site except for a single line saying it was no longer doing customer activations. But this afternoon, the satellite TV service has returned the content to its site although it’s unclear if it’s taking orders again.

Update: Orby TV Goes Out of Business

The satcaster has not provided any explanation as to why the web site looks the way it did last Tuesday before everything was removed except the one line regarding customer activations. However, while OrbyTV.com again calls on site visitors to sign up for its service, a random eligibility check of several addresses in different states suggests it’s no longer offering professional installation. Some Orby TV customers have noted on social media that the company doesn’t appear to be selling self-installation kits, either.

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In addition, its customer service line (877-672-9881) still carries a recorded message saying it’s not doing new customer activations, and its Facebook and YouTube pages remain empty.

Orby TV, which was launched in 2019 as a low-cost alternative to DIRECTV and Dish, has not explained why it emptied its web site last Tuesday nor why it removed all content from its YouTube and Facebook pages. Michael Thornton, the former Starz executive who serves as Orby TV’s CEO, has been unavailable for comment and other company executives have also not responded to inquiries from the TV Answer Man, or other publications.

An industry official who once worked with Orby TV told the TV Answer Man today before the web site was changed back that he is not aware of the company’s status.

Despite the uncertainty over the company’s future, some Orby TV subscribers have posted messages on social media sites saying they are still receiving programming as of today.

Orby TV, which has been available in every state but Alaska and Hawaii, started in 2019 as a response to the escalating cost of cable and satellite television. Orby’s monthly cost is $40 for its base package, which is considerably less than DIRECTV and Dish. It’s unclear how many subscribers Orby TV has.

Like DIRECTV and Dish, Orby delivers signals to your home via a small satellite dish and receiver, which can be purchased at Best Buy. However, Best Buy today is not selling new Orby receivers, only one reduced-priced receiver on “clearance.” The TV Answer Man has asked two different Best Buy press representatives for a comment, but they have not responded.

The TV Answer Man will try to learn more about Orby’s status and report back when we get more information.

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— Phillip Swann