TV Answer Man, we live in a rural part of Maryland and cable is a little spotty out here with service. We have used DIRECTV, but the price is always going up. We heard about Orby TV, but it seems like they are no longer in business? Do you know what happened to them? Are they coming back? We could use an inexpensive satellite option where we live for TV. — Wendy, St. Leonard, Maryland. 

Wendy, Orby TV, the low-cost satellite TV alternative to Dish and DIRECTV, last month posted a message on its web site saying it’s gone out of business.

“We are sorry to announce that Orby TV has closed its doors, and the Orby TV service has ended. It was an honor to serve you,” the message reads.

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The Orby notice states that subscribers can get a “special offer” from Dish to switch.

“This includes a monthly DISH programming package for $52.99 (includes first receiver) and cost to switch as low as $100. For more information about this limited time offer, please call DISH at 844-268-3304 and mention the offer code ORBY or visit” the message says.

So what happened to Orby TV? Why did it have to go out of business?

Well, there’s a reason why DIRECTV and Dish raise their prices every year. The cost of acquiring programming is escalating as is the expenses required to maintain a satellite TV delivery system. And despite a strong executive team in place, Orby simply couldn’t deliver on its promise of keeping subscriber prices low while making a profit. The concept was failed from the start. (Orby’s monthly cost was $40 for its base package, which is considerably less than DIRECTV and Dish.)

In fact, not only did the company not make a profit, it declared bankruptcy shortly after announcing it was exiting the business with losses possibly topping $100 million!

Which means Orby TV isn’t coming back. Ever. At least not as a satellite TV company.

Wendy, hope that makes sense. Happy viewing, and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann