Orby TV, the low-cost satellite TV alternative to Dish and DIRECTV, early this morning posted a message on its web site saying it’s gone out of business.

“We are sorry to announce that Orby TV has closed its doors, and the Orby TV service has ended. It was an honor to serve you,” the message reads.

The Orby notice states that subscribers can get a “special offer” from Dish to switch.

“To provide you with an affordable satellite TV option going forward, we have coordinated with DISH on a special offer for Orby TV customers. This includes a monthly DISH programming package for $52.99 (includes first receiver) and cost to switch as low as $100. For more information about this limited time offer, please call DISH at 844-268-3304 and mention the offer code ORBY or visit dish.com/orby.”

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The closing comes after an odd two-week period during which Orby removed all its content from its web site as well as social media sites without an explanation. The site only included a single line saying the satcaster was no longer doing customer activations, although service continued for existing customers.

The abrupt move left many subscribers anxious because company officials did not respond to inquiries from customers or the media.

Then last week, again without explanation, the satellite TV service returned the content to its site, prompting some customers to believe that the earlier content removal was a glitch. But Orby’s status was still uncertain because it appeared the site was not set up to take new orders. And today, Orby made it official with the new notice saying that it was closing its doors.

The TV Answer Man has been unable to reach Michael Thornton, Orby’s CEO, and a former Starz and DIRECTV executive, who started the company in 2019. When we called a Beverly Hills, California phone number listed for Orby at various business web sites, the person answering said it was a private residence which had nothing to do with Orby.

Orby TV, which has been available in every state but Alaska and Hawaii, started in 2019 as a response to the escalating cost of cable and satellite television. Orby’s monthly cost was $40 for its base package, which is considerably less than DIRECTV and Dish.

Like DIRECTV and Dish, Orby delivered signals to your home via a small satellite dish and receiver, which could be purchased at Best Buy and other retail outlets.

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— Phillip Swann