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TV Answer Man, I am completely confused over the new Sunday Ticket plans for YouTube. I had DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket but this is a lot different to me. Could you answer some questions like how many streams can you have and does the plan auto-renew? Thanks!! — James, Washington, D.C. 

James, YouTube and YouTube TV last week announced the pricing for the 2023 NFL Sunday Ticket with the highest priced plan (games and RedZone for YouTube standalone subs) going for $489 after June 6 and the lowest priced plan set at $349 after 6/6. There are discounts for early ordering. See this article for more details.

I’ve answered several questions here regarding the pricing. But I am still receiving e-mails from readers asking about everything from refunds to auto-renewal to university student discounts and other issues. So let me try to resolve some of these concerns in this column.

Can you pay monthly for the Ticket?
While this might help out folks who live paycheck to paycheck, the answer is no. You have to pay the full season price before the season begins.

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How many screens can you watch the Ticket on?
YouTube TV will have a multi-view feature that will allow you to watch up to four games on one screen at the same time. In addition, you can watch games on up to two screens at the same time. For example, you could have the Ticket on in the bedroom and living room, but that’s it.

Why is there a two-screen limit?
DIRECTV allowed Ticket subscribers to watch the Ticket on several different receivers in the home. But remember: Google paid $1 billion a year more for the rights than DIRECTV paid. The company needs every sub it can get. The two-screen limit might trigger more individual subscriptions.

Will there be a college student discount?

DIRECTV offered a major discount for college students. But as of now, Google, the owner of the two YouTube services, says: “We don’t currently offer student pricing for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube or YouTube TV.”

Can you get a refund after ordering?
If you have second thoughts before the season starts, that’s too bad. Google says there will be no refunds. Once you order, you pay.

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Does the Ticket subscription auto-renew for the 2024 season?
Yes and no.

When you purchase NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV as an add-on, your NFL Sunday Ticket add-on won’t auto-renew next season. It will be a single-season purchase. If you want to get NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube TV next season, you’ll need to purchase the add-on again.

But when you purchase the Sunday Ticket as a Primetime Channel through YouTube, your plan will auto-renew by default for the upcoming season at the current full season price (no discount). You can always cancel auto-renewal by going to your account.

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— Phillip Swann