TV Answer Man, I’ve watched all the Thursday Night Football games on Amazon and I am impressed with the picture although there has been some buffering. Do you know if the picture is 1080p or 4K? It seems like it could be 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) because the details and brightness are there. What say you, TV Answer Man? — Tony, Las Vegas.

Tony, Amazon’s Prime Video now has the exclusive rights to the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games. Tonight’s game features the Washington Commanders visiting the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in the Windy City. Game time is 8 p.m. ET with Amazon’s always lively pre-game show starting at 7 p.m.

Since the TNF games began last month, I have received several reader e-mails inquiring whether they were in 4K. People have been impressed with the picture quality, although some, as you note, have had buffering issues. (That’s the nature of live streaming; it’s difficult to please everyone.)

So are the games in 4K? And 4K HDR?

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Sorry, but the answer is no. An Amazon spokeswoman says the games have been, and will continue to be, in 1080p HD this season.

But don’t single out Amazon for blame, So far this year. CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN have not done any NFL games in 4K, either.

The TV Answer Man, of course, will monitor this situation and report back here if anything significant changes.

Until then, happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann