A week ago, I penned an article on what steps the ‘new’ DIRECTV could take to succeed in an increasingly competitive pay TV environment. (DIRECTV later this year is scheduled to become a separate company with AT&T retaining 70 percent and private equity firm, TPG, assuming 30 percent.) My recommendations included adding more 4K and sports channels, keeping a slice of the Sunday Ticket after the 2022 season, and fortifying its customer service effort.

To no surprise, the story prompted an outpouring of comments from DIRECTV subscribers, many of whom offered their own suggestions on how the satellite TV service can succeed in the coming years. The new DIRECTV executive team, when it’s assembled later this year, might want to take note that improved customer service was cited more than any other wish for the future.

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Below are the highlights of approximately 50 comments we have received since the article was published. (Note: Punctuation and spelling has not been changed to maintain accuracy.)

“They need to move the customer service back to the United States. It is very hard to understand the overseas customer service representatives.” — name withheld.

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“Agree – one cannot understand most of what customer service from the Phillipines (sic) is saying. Also DTV must stop repeating line after line of content on the schedule which just repeats the prior line or lines, stuffing their schedule with useless titles just to fill the space!!!” — Richard Beaudry.

“I’ve had both dish & currently DirecTv for many years, was very happy till ATT came along, ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE! If they go back to what they had before ATT I’ll think about staying but as of now I’m always looking for another option.” — George

“I had Direct tv for over 40 years, in west virginia, and later in Florida,, but after AT&T took the service went to “H,,,” and the prices went crazy$350. a month, way to much , so it went online and its a lot cheaper.! and I was told by AT&T when i had asignal problem “get a ladder and move the dish myself, or pay for a service call of $75 plus. That was the last straw! Direct tv had great service prior to AT&T TV was trash!” — Gary M. Ray.

“As someone who has Directv since 99. Your comments about customer service and sports are spot on. I have told At&t customer service multiple times that if you kept Directv customer service you wouldn’t be hemorrhaging customers. Yes they need to keep Sunday Ticket.” — Alex.

“They should also update their channel guide to include all channel logos like every other provider does. Their current user interface could also use a face lift.” — Bruce.

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“DIRECTV was a gold mine before AT&T bought it. Had that exchange never occurred it would have continued to thrive. It was AT&T that drove it into the ground. Having been an AT&T customer for I am mobile phone I can attest to the poor customer and the lack of any technical expertise Whether it’s building a website or supporting their product offerings. DIRECTV will be fine.” — Jeffrey.

“First, MOVE CUSTOMER SERVICE to the USA or Go OUT of Business. Al-a-Carte is the ONLY way to survive.” — S. Taylor.

“Another idea that might prove successful is that they introduce a loyalty program to give their loyal customers special deals…” — Mike.

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“All of your suggestions merit looking at by the “New Direct TV” but the best idea is for Direct TV to figure out a way to compete with streaming channels. Like many Direct TV users I live in a rural area and currently surrounded by the government plan to bring fast internet to the rural areas. However, fast flex fiber is not coming down my road and talking to the installers I will not see it anytime soon. Direct TV should also work on bring fiber internet to customers because I would stick with Direct TV if fiber ever comes down my road if they could offer a combo of TV, internet, and some version of streaming since I have been with them for 18 years and except for the drop in customer service when AT&T brought the company they have been good years.” — Bcrd5000.

“Only way they will succeed it is to cut all ties with att and any ideology carried over by att exec’s they ruined direct tv with thier nonsense and lack of insight on how to treat your consumer and support.” — Timothy Jones.

“Customer service is terrible and I have had direct tv for over 25 years and can see how it has changed.” — Lydia E. ReMalia.

“They need to get rid of the contract deal, I feel that if you’re not happy with the services then you should be able to cancel it.” — Salpi R. Wolper.

“I have three words that can save Directv: Al a carte.” — Timothy Clark.

“Best case, Hire Phillip (Swann) to run DirecTV.” — Thom R.

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— Phillip Swann