By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man –@tvanswerman

For the last few weeks, YouTube TV has been offering the first three months of service for $54.99 a month, an $54 discount over the regular rate ($72.99 a month) for three months. But apparently that wasn’t enough to entice some reluctant streamers to give the service a try. YouTube TV today has cut the promo price again to $52.99 a month for the first three months, which now comes to a $60 discount over three months.

The multi-channel, live streamer, which is the home of the NFL Sunday Ticket, is also providing a three-week free trial for new customers. Now that the first three months is $52.99 a month, that means you could get the first seven weeks of YouTube TV for $52.99. YouTube TV carries the Sunday Ticket for a base price of $349, but that rate requires a YouTube TV subscription. The three-week free trial and three-month discount could encourage some football fans to sign up. (YouTube Primetime Channels also has the Sunday Ticket without need of a YouTube TV sub but the base price is $449.

The three-week free trial, and three-month discount, are only available for new users. Current and past subscribers are not eligible nor is anyone who previously participated in a YouTube TV free trial.  YouTube TV, which has more than 100 live channels, will charge you the normal rate of $72.99 in month four if you don’t cancel prior to the end of the three-month promotion. In addition, you will be charged for your first month of service if you don’t cancel prior to the end of the three-week free trial.

Click here to learn more about the three-week free trial and the three-month discount offer at YouTube TV. YouTube TV is also bundling three months of the $15.99 Max plan with every NFL Sunday Ticket subscription now.

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— Phillip Swann