By Phillip Swann
The TV Answer Man – @tvanswerman

TV Answer Man, is Comcast getting rid of the free Peacock this month? My neighbor says he will still get it for free for two years. But I thought it was supposed to be a pay deal. Can you tell me what’s the truth here? — Teresa, Deale, Maryland.

Teresa, Comcast’s Xfinity service has provided Peacock’s $4.99 monthly Premium plan for free to video subscribers as well as Internet customers since the streaming service launched in July 2020. However, Comcast has announced that Peacock will no longer be included for free in existing Comcast Xfinity video and Internet packages, effective June 26, 2023.

But your neighbor is right. There will be some Comcast subscribers that will continue to get it for free after June 26. The cable op has just revealed that subscribers to its Gig-speed Internet service will keep Peacock in their packages for free for two years after the deadline. You may need to re-input your e-mail address and user name at to activate the continued Peacock subscription, but it will be free.

In addition, new Xfinity customers who sign up after April 3 are being offered the Premium plan for free for six months. However, they will have to subscribe after that term.

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(Peacock now has two plans — the ads-included Premium for $4.99 a month and the ads-free Premium Plus for $9.99 a month.)

If you do not fall into either category, you have two options to continue watching Peacock without paying the full price.

1. You can subscribe to Peacock’s Premium plan for $2.99 a month for 12 months through Comcast between June 26, 2023 and August 25, 2023. That’s a $2 a month discount.

2. Even better, you can get the Peacock Premium plan for $19.99 for one year at the Peacock web site. That’s a $30 discount over the regular annual price of $49.99. You can get the discount by inputting the code, SUMMEROFPEACOCK, at checkout.

Teresa, hope that helps. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Phillip Swann