By Phillip Swann
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DIRECTV this morning unveiled a new marketing strategy that includes a two-year price guarantee for both satellite and streaming customers and eliminates the DIRECTV Stream brand for new customers. The company will now refer to both its satellite service and its streaming service in marketing as DIRECTV rather than DIRECTV and DIRECTV Stream.

The changes, which can be seen at the DIRECTV web site, show that plans for both satellite and streaming will begin at $64.99 a month with a two-year price guarantee. The Choice plan for both services, which include regional sports networks, will be $84.99 a month while the Ultimate plan for both will be $109.99 and the Premier package will be $154.99.

“Packages for DIRECTV via Satellite or via your existing Internet connection start at $64.99. Whatever you choose, it’s the price you pay for 2 years,” the site states.

Existing DIRECTV Stream customers apparently will not notice a difference in their current plans and service as the Stream brand and current prices will stay in effect for them.

It’s unclear if the same pricing offer requires a new customer to use a DIRECTV-supplied set-top whether it’s for satellite or streaming. (The set-top is provided at no extra charge.) It’s also uncertain if DIRECTV Satellite and DIRECTV Internet, as the streaming service is now called, will have the same channel lineup and/or fewer channels than previous offerings. (Update below includes answers to those questions and more.)

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DIRECTV’s New Pricing & Marketing Plan: You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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