NBC Sports today is broadcasting the Premier League Soccer match between Tottenham and Liverpool, but some Hulu Live subscribers can’t watch it because the channel is suddenly missing from their lineups.

The channel’s disappearance has alarmed some customers because NBC Universal announced last week that it was shutting it down at the end of the year. The TV Answer Man received a few e-mails from readers who thought Hulu decided to end the channel’s misery early. Other Hulu subscribers took to social media sites to express their frustration.

“Why can’t I watch NBC Sports Network??? I am very frustrated right now. If this channel was dropped, it would have been nice to know. You are also still advertising it as a channel available in my zip code on your website,” tweeted ‘Aaron Adkins’ on Twitter.

“Hey @Hulu  and @hulu_support , What is going with NBC Sports Network? Why am I unable to stream that channel?” ‘Brian Baldwin’ added. 

“So I finally get the chance to watch the #preds  on NBCSN last night, then today I go to watch the Liverpool-Tottenham match and NBCSN is just… missing. It’s gone with no explanation. What’s that about, @hulu,” wrote ‘Mark’s Trustworth Beard.’

But Hulu has not removed the channel from its lineup. The streamer’s Twitter customer support team said the missing channel is a technical snafu, and it urged subscribers to use their Hulu Live user name and password to access the NBC Sports Network app.

That seems to work, according to several Hulu subscribers. And several minutes ago, @Hulu_support added that the problem should be fixed, asking subscribers to re-set their devices so they can once again watch NBC Sports Network via their Hulu apps rather than going to the NBC Sports app.

“Sorry for the trouble today! The good news is an update has been made to get you back to streaming. After a quick power-cycle, all should be well again. Keep us posted if not!” the Hulu customer service team said.

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— Phillip Swann