Will Vizio Bring Down OLED TV Prices?

Q. I read your story about OLED TV prices not likely to come down much. But I just saw that Vizio is going to have an OLED TV. Doesn’t Vizio have lower prices than other TV makers? So, wouldn’t that mean OLED TV will start costing less? — Hank, Reno, Nevada.  Hank, you’re right. Vizio,

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Should You Buy a ‘Renewed’ TV?

Amazon has started calling its repaired televisions, ‘renewed’ TVs. Formerly, the etailer called them, ‘certified refurbished,’ and I have to acknowledge that ‘renewed’ is a better marketing term for describing a once-defective set that purportedly now works just fine. ‘Certified refurbished’ always sounded like a piece of furniture to me. The change in wording prompted

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Will OLED TV Prices Fall Under $1,000?

Q. I am shopping for a 50-inch new TV and have a budget of $600-900. My wife thinks that OLED prices will come down to that range in the next year. Do you think a significant price drop is likely? — Willie, hometown withheld. Willie, let me give you the good news before the bad.

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Why Won’t OLED TV Prices Come Down?

Q. Why won’t OLED TV prices come down? When?! — Kevin, Palatine, Illinois.  Kevin, I know it seems like OLED sets from LG, Panasonic and Sony are too expensive. Way too expensive, in fact. Click Amazon: Black Friday Sale Has Begun! But remember this: A high-def LG 55-inch OLED TV cost $14,999 in 2014 when

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