By Phillip Swann
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What Is Fubo’s Most Expensive Plan Now?

Fubo, the live streaming service, has replaced its top-tier $99.99 a month Ultimate plan with the $94.99 a month Premier plan. The switch, which means the streamer’s most expensive package for new subscribers is now $94.99 a month, comes 10 weeks after the streamer swapped Premier with Ultimate. (The change is only for new subscribers. Existing subs can keep the more expensive Ultimate, which includes the NFL RedZone channel, if they wish. Premier does not include the RedZone channel.)

Why Is Fubo Now Offering a Cheaper Plan?

Why is Fubo making its most expensive plan a cheaper one? It’s all about the power of the National Football League. The streaming service in August replaced Premier with the Ultimate plan because the latter included the NFL RedZone channel. Fubo was hoping the lure of the popular RedZone channel would encourage more customers to subscribe to the more expensive Ultimate package. But with the NFL season roughly half over, it’s likely fewer new customers will sign up to get the Ultimate plan just because it had the RedZone channel. “We have brought it (Ultimate) back for football season. It replaces Premier and includes NFL RedZone,” a Fubo spokesperson said in August.

Fubo last January raised the rate on its base 168-channel Pro plan from $69.99 a month to $74.99 a month. At that time, Fubo also increased the price of its second lowest-priced plan, the 243-channel Elite, from $79.99 a month to $84.99 a month.

How Can New Fubo Subscribers Get the NFL RedZone?

If you’re a new subscriber and you want the RedZone as part of your package, it’s no longer in Pro, Elite or Premier. But you can get the RedZone, and other sports channels, in Fubo’s Sports Plus add-on plan for $10.99 a month.

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